Amorgos is a Cycladic island It has two natural harbors, Katapola and Aegiali. The capital is Chora of Amorgos with Katapola main port. Amorgos is an ideal hiking destination. There are paths that start and / or end up in a settlement and offer the visitor breathtaking landscapes.

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Amorgos is a Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea. It took its name from the Amorgos plant, a kind of flax from which the “Amorgos Algiers” were made, the tunics of Amorgos. It is located at the southeast end of the Cyclades, southeast of Naxos and 136 nautical miles from Piraeus. Its surface is estimated at 121,464 km² and has a coastline of 126 kilometers. It is an oblong island that extends from SW to NE with a steep mountainous morphology