Kalymnos is an island of the Dodecanese. The island's territory is a relatively stony mountainous plain with small plains. The coasts of Kalymnos form many cape, bays and harbors. The island was famed for the sponges.

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Kalymnos is an island of Dodecanese. It is located south of Leros from which it is separated by the homonymous narrow strait (Leros), or Kalymnos canal, or Diapori, having SE. Kos and 14 miles to the Turkish coast of Asia Minor. Kalymnos is surrounded by a large number of small islands, of which the most important are the uninhabited Glaronisia, Kalavros, Telendos, the islets Nera, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Andreas, Platis, the Imia, Pserimos, and finally BA. Pitta and Calolimnos