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Kythira is an island located in southern Greece, south of the Peloponnese and south of Elafonisos and Cavo Malia. Citizens are mainly farmers. The main agricultural products are olive oil and honey.

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Kythira, is an island in Greece lying opposite the south-eastern tip of the Peloponnese  peninsula. It is traditionally listed as one of the seven main Ionian island, although it is distant from the main group. Administratively, it belongs to the Islands regional unit, which is part of the Attica region (although at large distance from Attica itself). The island is strategically located between the Greek mainland and Crete, and from ancient times until the mid 19th century was a crossroads of merchants, sailors, and conquerors. As such, it has had a long and varied history and has been influenced by many civilisations and cultures. This is reflected in its architecture (a blend of traditional, Aegean and Venetian  elements), as well as the traditions and customs, influenced by centuries of coexistence of the Greek, Venetian, and Ottoman cultures.