Kythnos is an island of Cyclades On the island there are two villages: Chora and Dryopida. There are also three main seaside settlements: Merichas, Loutra with thermal springs and Panagia Kanala with the homonymous church.

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Τhe Kythnos is called “Thermias”, at least since the 12th century, when it refers to “Episkopi Kea and Thermi”. This name is due to the hot springs that exist up to today in the bay of Loutra. It has an area of ​​99,432 sq. Km. and a coastline length of about 104 km. It has 92 coves, coves and beaches. There are two main villages on the island, Chora or Mesaria, which is the capital of the island, with 806 inhabitants and Dryopida with 797 inhabitants. In addition, there are three main seaside settlements: the main port of Merichas with about 250 inhabitants, the Baths with thermal springs and Panagia Kanala with the church of the same name.