Nisyros is an island of the Dodecanese. Nisyros is a volcano. Most citizens are engaged in agriculture, fisheries and tourism. The volcano of Nisyros with the crater of Stefanos is one of the most important sights of the island.

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Nisyros is an island in the southern Aegean and one of the Dodecanese islands. It belongs to the group of ancient southern Sporades, and is located northwest of Rhodes, between Kos, Tilos and Astypalea. Specifically, it is 8 miles NW. Of Tilos, and 10 miles south of Kos, to which it administratively belongs, and 9 nautical miles east of Cape Natsa, Turkey. Nisyros has an area of ​​about 41 square kilometers and a total coastline of about 24 kilometers. Its population in 1950 numbered 2,516 inhabitants. At the last census, its population was 987 inhabitants.